About Us

With 14 years of experience publishing many successful print and
online directories, Index Media Inc. is happy to present the market
with our newest directory: PROFINDER. Profinder offers its
audience the best tool to find top professionals from an array of
fields and industries. Each one of our advertisers are: registered,
reviewed, rated, and licensed.

Profinder’s goal is to promote only the top professionals who are
acclaimed and highly recommended within their areas of
expertise. Our consumers are looking for top quality and
therefore we are looking for the BEST. We want to help you
promote your business in such a way that the consumer knows
what sets you apart from your competition.

Profinder has teamed up with Canada Post to determine a specialized
distribution area that would offer you as an advertiser the best
split in the market. Profinder will be distributed to a niche market
which includes homes with a combined annual income of over
$80,000. We believe that this major geographic , socioeconomical
segment of house-holds will serve you and your business best.